John Holmes searching for his stepfather Benton, mother Lettie, and brother Dick Holmes

I wish to inquire for my people
who lived east of Vicksburg, Miss.,
about the second or third year of
the war. I was then six or seven
years of age, and was taken from
home by some Southern soldiers
who brought me to Texas, and I
was sold three times. When I was
taken the soldier drew a gun on my
step-father and made him put me
up on a horse behind one of them.
The last I saw of mother she was
standing on the gallery crying. It
is now about 22 years since I saw
any of my people. My step-father's
name was Benton Holmes, my
mother's name Lettie Holmes, and
my brother's name Dick Holmes.
My name was then Truman Holmes,
but is now John Holmes. We all
belonged to a man called Captain
Holmes. If any of my relatives or
any one who knows them read this
notice I would like them to write
me where they are, and whether
living or dead. Will the preachers
please read this to the congrega-
tions [congregations] and assist me in the matter?
My address is John Homes, Jeffer-
son [Jefferson], Texas, care of J.P. Smith.
A Husband's Greatest Blessing

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