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Richard Starkey seeking information about his son, Alexander Starkey, who was last seen in Richmond where he was sold to a southern trader in 1864.

Preston Pagitt searching for his wife Ann Pagitt and their children John Alexander Calhoun, Casandra Jane McDaniels, and Mary Lydia Frances. They were taken from near Liberty, Virginia, to Alabama, ten years ago [ca. 1857].

Jeff Frierson and Mary Burt were reunited and remarried in Shelbyville, TN, in 1903. They had been separated in that county [Bedford County, TN] 44 years earlier, when Mary was sold and taken to Arkansas.

Frank "left his home" in Woodville, Virginia, ca. 1853. [He was presumably sold]. He was heard of once, in Charleston, South Carolina, since then.

Dick "was the slave of Edward Bush, a negro trader, who was our father." Montgomery was sold in or near Nashville, Tennessee, when a child, and taken to Missouri. Her brother was sold to someone in Texas.

Newspaper article about Milla Dawsey's search for her family. Includes transcription of Dawsey's two Christian Recorder ads. Dawsey, from Calvert County, Maryland, had not seen her brothers or son since they were sold away from her.

Foley, of Natchez, Mississippi, found his wife in 1891 in Carrollton, Kentucky. They had been separated by sale [in Virginia?]

Easton, of Indianapolis, Indiana, found his mother, Clara Clounch, of Paducah, Kentucky. They were separated by sale when he was seven years old.

Reprinted from the Indianapolis Sentinel (Indianapolis, IN)

John Wesley searching for Tom, Daniel, and Manual Nowlan, who moved from Virginia to Alabama since the Civil War with Matthew B. Nowlan.

Robert Hubbard searching for parents Camilla and Robert and siblings Charlotte, Mary, Frank, and Charles. Hubbard who were enslaved by William Townsend. He "left" his family at Washington DC, 16 years earlier [ca. 1855].

Daniel West looking for his father Jeff Cooper, his mother Susie Cooper, and siblings Anna, Siler, Katie, Sallie, James, Bill, and Rimeon Cooper.

Eliza Husher is searching for her mother, Sallie Clark, and her brothers and sisters.

Brown Jones is searching for his mother, Frankie Hightower, brothers Bruce and Car Hightower, and sister Lucifer Hightower

George Peden seeking his mother Serlena and unnamed sister. Peden was sold to speculators Tom Brown and John Booker who took him to Mississippi.

Hasn't heard from his family since 1847 when sold at Holly Springs

Mr. Goosland, Oberlin, OH, finds his family after 25 years. Newspaper quotes letter he wrote to his wife in 1847, shortly after he was sold and taken from Wytheville, VA, to Mobile, AL.

Mrs. Woodsen finds little sister, Mrs. Culton, of Bonne Terre, Missouri

1902. Richmond Planet. Apr 19 1902.png
Mother, Frances Woodson/Frances Bowles, sold from Goochland County, VA, to Florida.

National Republican. Washington DC. May 20 1875.jp2
Emmanuel and Caroline Jacobs searching for their son Solomon Jacobs. He was enslaved by Daniel R. McNeal of Hardy County, VA, and sold to Southern traders before the Civil War.

New National Era. Washington DC September 29 1870.jp2
Martha Ward searching for her sister, Rosetta McQuillin. She was sold from Norfolk, VA, to a Frenchman in Mobile, AL, about 30 years ago

Richmond Planet April 12 1919.jp2
Virginia Rice searching for relatives of her mother, Lucy Fisher. Her mother, her grandmother Harriet Fisher, and her great-grandmother, Kate Winfrey, were all slaves of Winfrey/Winfreys family of Richmond, VA. Searcher's maternal grandfather was Bob…

Wefford White 10-1-1885.tif
J. Wofford White searching for his brother, Harvey, who was formerly enslaved by Mrs. Sarah McDonald, widow of "Big Jack", who lived near Lynchburg, Sumpter District, South Carolina.

Frederick Pryor 5-7-1885.tif
Fredrick Pryor searching for his father Frederick Pryor, mother Betsy Pryor, a sister named Edward, and a brother whose name he doesn't remember. He left his father in McGavelin County, VA near Richmond. He doesn't remember who his brother was sold…
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