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Mrs. Millie Harden looking for her lost sister, Mrs. Anna Davis, who was last known to be traveling to Des Moines, IA.

Charles M. Dutcher searching for Logan Welch who witnessed a car accident in Iowa City, IA. The ad gives a physical description of Welch and of the event.

Mrs. Julia Winn and her sister, Mrs Emery, found each other 50 years after being separated. They were reunited by a mutual relation, Mrs. James Bown.

Samuel T. Davis is searching for his mother and two sisters. He was sold away from his parents before the war and would like to hear about his family's whereabouts.

Silas Mitchell, born to Harriet Mitchell, was taken from his mother during the second year of the war. Henrietta Hunt desires information about his whereabouts

Mannie F. Bond searching for her parents, Mary and William Bond. They were last seen five years ago.

A. Goodwin searching for his Nettie Birley, daughter of W. M. Birley, who moved from Detroit, Michigan in about 1867. She is now believed to be living in Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Jackson is searching for her sisters, Margaret, Barbery, and Rebecca Gillbert, and her brothers, William and Thomas Gillbert.

Mary Johnson found her son, Charles Jackson after 10 years of separation. She credits her Information Wanted Ad in the Cleveland Gazette for finding him.


Mary Johnson, formerly Jackson, is searching for her son Charles Jackson. He was last heard from in Canton, Ohio.

G. W. Samuels is searching for his brother, Harvey Samuels, who was sold by a man named Jim Hall in 1863. He, his mother, and his sister wish to know if he is still alive and his whereabouts.

Tom Wade and his father were separated from his mother, Jane, and sisters, Anna and Laura, about eighteen years ago. He is searching for information regarding their whereabouts

Sandy McRay searching for James Burnett. He holds Burnett's discharge papers from when he was mustered out at Charleston, S.C. on September 30, 1865 and has not heard from him since.

Ross A. Harris is searching for his mother, Mahaley, and sister, Celia Harris. They were separated in Wilmington, N.C. during the Civil War. He and his brother, Burr Harris, were also separated at the start of the war.

After 32 years Anderson Banks found his brother Madison Banks. In 1857 their father, mother, and twelve children were split up among the children of their enslaver, Charles Yancy. After the Civil War, Anderson Banks moved to Jacksonville where he…


John Carr is looking for his son, Laurence Carr.

James Heater stole a neighbor's horse and buggy.

W.H. Milligan providing his address to the many people who asked for it.

W.H. Pitzer is looking for his sister, Maud Pitzer.
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