D. J. Price seeking his uncles John and Jesse Price

MR. EDITOR :—I wish to know the whereabouts of my Uncles, my Father's brothers, three in number. Names—John Price, Jesse Price, and the other he did not know the name. My Father's name is Wm. Price; he left his parents' home when 12 years of age, by the traders to New Orleans, and stayed there six months, when a farmer by the name of A. G. Jordan bought him and brought him to a plantation in Louisiana on Bayou Taplacat and in the village of Allen, La., and he has been living within 12 miles of this town, until last August 15th, when he passed through the dark valley of the shadow of death by the penetration of 12 bullets. He said he left his brothers and parents in Fairfax, Virginia. Please write me at Allen, Natchitocles parish, La. D. J. PRICE. Allen, La., Dec. 5th, 1882.

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