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Thomas Grover searching for a man named Uncle Moody who came to California with Henry Cole, the man who enslaved him. Grover later returned to Missouri several times to purchase his wife and daughters before the war.

Catherine Jackson searching for her children Mary Ann Ringo, America and Henry Thompson, Susannah and Eleanor Darby, and Harrison Kane who left Missouri with Mr. Marsh in 1852.

James R. Starkey seeking information about his son, Alexander Starkey, who was last seen in Richmond where he was sold to a southern trader in 1864.

Maria Pope searching for her husband Andrew/Andy who "formerly belonged to" Dr. Pope, near Augusta, AR. He is supposed to be in St. Louis or Louisville.

Preston Pagitt searching for his wife Ann Pagitt and their children John Alexander Calhoun, Casandra Jane McDaniels, and Mary Lydia Frances. They were taken from near Liberty, Virginia, to Alabama, ten years ago [ca. 1857].

Peter Mellett searching for his wife Henrietta who was enslaved by Isaac Lenoir, of Sumter District, SC. She was carried to "one of the Southwestern States" about seven or eight years ago [ca. 1859].

Johnson wrote this information wanted letter to the county clerk in Buffalo, NY. Johnson, daughter of Jack and Hannah Hellard, was born in Rowan County, NC. She was sold away from her mother in 1840 and brought to Alabama, and from there to Texas, in…

Delmer's mother is searching for him. He was formerly "owned" by Edgar McKenney, of Virginia, and is supposed to be in north Alabama. Ad placed in 1871, during Reconstruction. Delmer was then about 20 years old.

Patton was brought from Jackson, TN, to Leon County, FL, about 40 years ago [ca. 1843], as an enslaved young man. His mother's name was Nellie Holmes, and his brothers were Tom and Littleton.

Amy Morris, aka "Mrs. Frenchy," grew up enslaved in Hancock County, GA, near Sparta, GA. Beginning at age 14, she was sold several times, in Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas, before she escaped during the Civil War. Previously, she and her first…

Johnson, age 60, reunited with her mother, reported to be 112 years old. Johnson lived in Louisville, KY. Her mother had been sold, by Ben Johnson of Frankfort, KY, and sent to New Orleans 50 years earlier [ca 1835].

Jeff Frierson and Mary Burt were reunited and remarried in Shelbyville, TN, in 1903. They had been separated in that county [Bedford County, TN] 44 years earlier, when Mary was sold and taken to Arkansas.

Caroline, age about eight, was "in the employment of" Mr. Griffin. He moved from Fluvanna County, VA, to Fauquier County, VA, in 1865, carrying Caroline with him.

Frank "left his home" in Woodville, Virginia, ca. 1853. [He was presumably sold]. He was heard of once, in Charleston, South Carolina, since then.

Butler's mother, Anna Brown/Anna Blackwell, and three sisters were brought from Virginia to New Orleans about 1830 and sold there. Butler placed this antebellum ad in 1840.

Josephine Smith searching for information about her brother Lerov Smith from whom she was separated during slavery.

Mrs. Sarah Daniels searching for her brothers Hezekiah, William Capers, Robert, and sister Laura. A white Methodist preacher named Ledbetter carried them from South Carolina to Alabama at the time of the Civil War.

Alvin Steele was carried from Huntsville, Alabama, to Canton, Mississippi, during the Civil War. He returned to Huntsville in 1895 in search of his mother and sister.

Katie Holston's "aunt" gave her to Mrs. Classy Gaines, of Farmville, Virginia. It is unclear whether Classy Gaines enslaved Houston or how she came to live with her unnamed "aunt."

Mary Williams searching for her daughter, Harriet Hayes, and two grandchildren, Mansa and Helen, who were taken from the Raleigh, North Carolina, area to Richmond, Virginia, and sold there in 1863, during the Civil War.

Dollie Ingram was taken from DeValls Bluff, Arkansas, to Missouri, when very young. Her mother, Margaret Ingram, was enslaved by Henry Ingram.

Mary Jane Blair searching for her mother Susan Blair from whom she was separated as a child. Mary Jane was taken from Arkansas to Tennessee.

William Body left Virginia in 1846. He formerly belonged to Collins Stokes and asks that if any of the Stokes children know the whereabouts of his brothers, that they contact him.

Frances was taken from her mother, in Cumberland, Maryland, to Natchez, Mississippi, and then New Orleans, Louisiana. Her mother, Henny Butler, received letters from her but needs her address in New Orleans to reply. An antebellum ad (from 1843).
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