W. J. Deboe searching for his father Lewis Pearce and relatives

Do You Know Them?
I desire to know the whereabouts of
my father and relatives. His name was
Lewis Pearce. He was sold to a Negro
trader down South, but refused to go
and ran away to Canada.
I was only two weeks old and one
week later, my mother, Patsy Crider
died and my grand mother, Katy Crid-
er [Crider] raised me to 9 years of age and she
Harriet Crider, Nancy Crider, Jemi-
ma [Jemima] Crider and Mahala Crider are the
only names I can get. These were Kat-
ie [Katie] Crider's children. Any information
will be thankfully received by W. J.
Deboe, Sedalia, Mo.

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