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Mary C. Stewart searching for her father, William W. Wheeler, who was last heard of residing in Victoria B. C.

Elizabeth Powell is searching for her father, mother, three brothers and two sisters. Her father, Same Mosely, was enslaved by Joe Powell in Kentucky. Elizabeth had been enslaved by the same man before being sold to speculator Ellis of Louisiana. She…

Jane Stokes searching for her mother, Harriet Cooley, who moved to San Francisco several years prior. Also looking for Cooley's other children Mary, Georgiana, Rebecca, Virginia, Rowley, James, and John.

Georgiana Gibson searching for her mother, Dorcas Barton, who was last heard from when she resided at Willow Springs near Baltimore, Maryland.

Martha Ann Goff searching for her father William Goff who was last heard from while residing in Dogtown.

Unidentified man seeking information about his father, Alfred Turner, who came to California 15 years prior from Marshal Co., Mississippi.

Isaac Moore is searching for his parents Abraham and Tomer and his siblings. Tomer had six children named Jerry, Louisa, Liza, Martha, Ellen, and Isaac while enslaved by Mike Wellton. She had four more children, 'Merica, Paulina, Jane, and William,…

Mrs. Potter searching for her father, Jos. C. Chase, who was last heard from in Sutterville.

Fanny Jones, from Rochester, New York, searching for her mother Ella McIntire, her sisters, Sarah, Nancy, and Mary Jane, and her brothers, Simon, Chatam, Joseph, John, James, Hanson, and Augustus McIntire.

Patton was brought from Jackson, TN, to Leon County, FL, about 40 years ago [ca. 1843], as an enslaved young man. His mother's name was Nellie Holmes, and his brothers were Tom and Littleton.

Amy Morris, aka "Mrs. Frenchy," grew up enslaved in Hancock County, GA, near Sparta, GA. Beginning at age 14, she was sold several times, in Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas, before she escaped during the Civil War. Previously, she and her first…

Johnson, age 60, reunited with her mother, reported to be 112 years old. Johnson lived in Louisville, KY. Her mother had been sold, by Ben Johnson of Frankfort, KY, and sent to New Orleans 50 years earlier [ca 1835].

Lewis searching for her mother, Annie Lewis, and her brothers, Eddie Lewis and Orange Lewis

Thomas searching for aunt Delcie Graves, her husband Frederick Graves, and uncle James Washington. Frederick and James "were soldiers in the war of 1863" [Civil War]. All "belonged to" Tom Alyer in Madison County, VA.

Milton Anderson is searching for his father, Richard Anderson, and his sisters, Polly and Rachel. He "left" them in Lee County, Mississippi, in 1867.

Butler's mother, Anna Brown/Anna Blackwell, and three sisters were brought from Virginia to New Orleans about 1830 and sold there. Butler placed this antebellum ad in 1840.

They belonged to James Duncan, near Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky, and were separated 46 years ago [ca 1846].

Lucy Smith, of Richmond, Virginia, is searching for her father, who was at Fort Smith, Arkansas, until April 1898.

Hampton was sold away from her mother, in Richmond, Virginia, during the Civil War.

Lucy Brown is in Baltimore, Maryland. Her mother was in Campbell County, Virginia, when last heard from.

Alvin Steele was carried from Huntsville, Alabama, to Canton, Mississippi, during the Civil War. He returned to Huntsville in 1895 in search of his mother and sister.

Anderson left Lee County, Mississippi, during the Civil War, to join the Federal Army.

Fanny Strong searching for her parents Joe and Sallie and her siblings Sucky, Dollie, Rachel, Joseph, and Green. Mrs. Mary Anderson enslaved Strong's family.

James Davis claims he lives in Richmond, Virginia. Son of Annie Van Netten.

L. A. Jackson searching for his mother Mary Wilson (also went by Mary Hogan) who "left" Henry County, Missouri, in 1862, during the Civil War.
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