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Benton Lettle and Dick Holmes 2-26-1885.tif
John Holmes searching for his stepfather Benton, mother Lettie, and brother Dick Holmes. They lived in Vicksburg, MS and he was taken from them in the second or third year of the war by southern soldiers who brought him to Texas where he was…

Long Lost Son 1-1-1898.tif
Margret Young, sold and separated from her family in 1861, was reunited with her son Dowen Young as Christmas gift. Margret and her three children lived, all slaves of John Arthur, in Clay County, MO near the town of Liberty when the civil war broke…

Evening Star. Washington DC. Lost and Found Ad. Oct 20 1863.jp2
Unnamed, Washington, DC, searching for his son, about age 5, who "strayed away or was taken from his home." During the Civil War.

Louisa West.jpg
Louisa West, Jonesborough, TN, searching for son, Thomas Russel. A Confederate lieutenant took him to Richmond, VA in 1865.
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