Ed Spencer (formerly Ed Huff) searching for his father Spencer Thurman, mother Charlotte Huff, and siblings

Mr. Editor I wish to inquire for my people through your paper. I belonged to Henry Huff, who lived in Clark county, Ga., near Watkinsville. My father, Spencer Thurman, belonged to a man named Thurman, in the same county. My mother, Charlotte Huff, belonged to Henry Huff, and at his death I fell to Johnson Huff. I was stolen from my master by a man named Bill Acreage, and carried to Lumpkin, Stewart county. [Indecipherable] and sold to a lawyer named William Fort, in Lumpkintown. My brothers and sisters were named as follows: Lewis Huff, Ed Huff, Moses Huff, Eliza Jane Huff and Maria Huff. Any information of these people will be gladly received. I live under the name of Ed Spencer. Address me at Quincy City, Texas.

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