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Amy Morris, aka "Mrs. Frenchy," grew up enslaved in Hancock County, GA, near Sparta, GA. Beginning at age 14, she was sold several times, in Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas, before she escaped during the Civil War. Previously, she and her first…

Mitchell is searching for Rogers to settle an estate. Rogers is to inherit two thousand dollars. James Rogers is sometimes known as James Washington "because of slave parents."

Rev. J.H. Braby left Elrod, Alabama, last year [ca. 1904]. Last heard of in Georgia.

Gunter searching for heirs of Young, who left 500 dollar estate. She was from Accomack County, Virginia, went to Baltimore, Maryland, before 1890.

A.B. Campbell, administrator, searching for Henry Anderson and Jacob Anderson, sons of Robert Anderson and Jane Anderson

Jennie Bass (nee Wilson) searching for Charles J. Wilson whose father has passed away and left him an inheritance.

1902..Richmond Planet. June 7 1902.jp2
Seeking Charlotte Dabney, wife of George Dabney, heir of Dolly Mack. Mack died in Springfield, MA. Formerly resided in Chesterfield County, VA.

Philadelphia Inquirer Feb 27 1868.jpg
John Thomas, executor of George Hazzard, Philadelphia, PA, searching for children of George Hazzard and Cynthia Hazzard, sold as slaves in Virginia many years ago.

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Thomas Hickison, Chicago, IL, searching for mother and brother of Charlie Wilson, from Albemarle or Fluvanna County, VA

SCA_1883322_TOLAND (I).jpg
Edmond Toland searching for his parents, Pinnie and Jack; brothers Wesley, John Green, Peter, Patrick, George, Phillip and Anthony; and sisters Jane, Ruthy, Susan and Winnie. Toland left Tennessee in 1834.

Annetta Goodwin searching for her father Thomas Jones; brothers Charles, Drury Richard, and Robt, Jones; sisters Jennie Ales, Julia Francis Anderson, Kinnie Johnson, Susan Jones, and Leanna Bald; daughter Missouri; and unnamed granddaughter.

Edward Pool.jpg
G.A. Neal, St. Louis, MO, searching for Edward Pool, to settle his mother's property

mr braxton oct 7 93.jpg
F.F. McComas is looking for the heirs (children) of the deceased William Braxton: Mentzer, William, Aenes, and Angeline Braxton.

Gibson Turner searching for his siblings Nancy, Clemen, and Hannah. Nancy was enslaved in Alabama whereas Turner was separated from Hannah in Petersburg, VA.

J. E. J. seeking information on Lewis Kelley who formerly enslaved by Joseph Brooks in Kentucky.
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