Maria Luvenia Mayberry searching for her mother Hannah

Mr. Editor: I want to fin[indecipherable] mother, Hannah. She liv[indecipherable] Milton County, Ga. We us[indecipherable] belong to Robert Rodgers[indecipherable] died before the late war an[indecipherable] were sold; I to James Adam[indecipherable] Henry county, Ga., and I le[indecipherable] that mother was sold to[indecipherable] Waters, of Milton County, [indecipherable] Mother had six children, Hal, Winston, Kitty, Pheby, [indecipherable]via and myself. I was next [indecipherable] oldest. We were all sold t[indecipherable]ferent Negro traders; my[indecipherable]also, Abe Jenkins. He was [indecipherable] to a man in Arkansas, I[indecipherable] know whereabouts and to [indecipherable] Truly yours in Christ Maria Luvenia Mayb[indecipherable] Dickson, Tenn.

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