Rebecca Jane Fountain searching for her sisters and cousin George Fountain

DEAR EDITOR—I wish to inquire for my sisters, and cousin George Fountain. Sister's names are Margaret, Sarah, Venie and Nannie Fountain. Their mother was Amelia, and first belonged to Herman Bagby, who sold her to Willis Chambers. Their father was Peter Fountain. The girls and mother belonged to Willis Chambers, of Buckingham Co, Va. When he died they were separated. Sarah and her cousin, George Fountain, fell to Calvin and Merit Chambers, who brought them to Houston, Texas, about 1855. Margaret, Venie and Nannie fell to Sallie Chambers, who married her cousin, George E. Chambers, who took them to his mill on Slate River, Va. Rebecca Jane Fountain fell to Mary Willis, who married Davie Nolin, and was taken to Tennessee, and from there to Texas. Address me at Bagwell, Red River Co., Texas, in care of P. S. Wilkinson, Jr. REBECCA JANE FOUNTAIN.

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