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Isaac Moore is searching for his parents Abraham and Tomer and his siblings. Tomer had six children named Jerry, Louisa, Liza, Martha, Ellen, and Isaac while enslaved by Mike Wellton. She had four more children, 'Merica, Paulina, Jane, and William,…

His children were named Lucinda, Malinda, James, Myner, Charles, Kate, George, Isy, and Hamp. Wright was raised in Culpeper County, VA. His first master was Jack Greene, a judge in Richmond, VA. His second master was John Stone.

Johnson's first husband, Geo. Perry, escaped from Fleming County, KY, to Canada 43 years earlier [ca 1830]. Johnson and their child were went with him but were caught and taken back to Kentucky, where they remained in slavery until the Civil War.…

They belonged to Andy Austin, at or near Chillicothe, MO. Frances was sold to a speculator 27 or 28 years ago [ca. 1856 or 1857].

Thomas searching for aunt Delcie Graves, her husband Frederick Graves, and uncle James Washington. Frederick and James "were soldiers in the war of 1863" [Civil War]. All "belonged to" Tom Alyer in Madison County, VA.

Fanny Strong searching for her parents Joe and Sallie and her siblings Sucky, Dollie, Rachel, Joseph, and Green. Mrs. Mary Anderson enslaved Strong's family.

Martha, formerly of Elkton, Tennessee, searching for her children in Alabama. Martha formerly was enslaved by Mrs. Dolly Camps and her children were enslaved by Camps' daughter and grandson.

Newspaper article about Milla Dawsey's search for her family. Includes transcription of Dawsey's two Christian Recorder ads. Dawsey, from Calvert County, Maryland, had not seen her brothers or son since they were sold away from her.

Lev Hall was sold away from Guilford County, North Carolina, in 1839. He was formerly enslaved by Elijah Witty and is looking for his mother Tempy Witty and siblings.

Forbes and his mother were sold in Maryland in 1850, to Green Andes, and taken to Mississippi. Forbes' parents: George Henry Forbes and Henrietta Forbes. Grandparents: Barney and Winnie Moore.

Anderson has not seen his family since 1863. His brother, Edmond, killed at Fort Pillow, during the Civil War.

Charles Stewart searching for Harriet Stewart and Fannie Stewart. They were sold to a speculator in Alabama about 30 years earlier [ca 1840].

Eliza was formerly "owned" by Richard Griffin. Sold to Miss Mary Emack, who came to Baltimore in 1860. Mother's name was Deborah.

Newspaper account describing Clara Bashop's 33-year search for her daughter, Patience, who was sold in 1859. Slightly longer and more legible article than the St. Louis Post-Dispatch version.

Mrs. Clara Bashop seeking information about her daughter, Patience, who she last saw at Charles City Court House, VA where they were sold separately to pay their enslaver Dick Christian's debts.

David Turner is searching for his brothers John, Charles, James, and Thomas.

Harriett Bennett searching for her mother, Susan Basley, who would like to find her mother. Bennett was sold by a man named Cicero Vick in 1862.

Susan Anderson (formerly Susan Burrus) seeking information about her mother Rachel and her father Martin. She also names several siblings Mary Jane, Louisa, Jim, Carter, and Dave.

Kitty Presnell seeking information about her children Davie, Mariah, and Catherine from whom she was separated from in Flat Lake, Arkansas.

Ann Washington seeking her mother Susan Sprigg/Sprigs (also referred to as Lucy Stubb) and extended family. Her mother previously lived in Gloucester County, Virginia and was enslaved by Richard Cook.

Daniel West looking for his father Jeff Cooper, his mother Susie Cooper, and siblings Anna, Siler, Katie, Sallie, James, Bill, and Rimeon Cooper.

Ann Waddell (formerly Ann Bell) seeking her mother Lydia Bell and sisters Rosetta and Helen Bell. They were enslaved by Sallie Bell in Warrenton County, Georgia before being separated through sale.

Alex Myers searching for his people. His grandmother, Rosa Tucker, and her four daughters were from Richmond, VA. Sold in Jackson, MS, about 1855 or 1858.

Ann Washington (formerly Ann Stubbs) seeking information about her cousin Susan Sprigs and several members of her family.
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