Mrs. Sallie Warner (formerly Sallie Caloway) searching for her siblings William, Washington, Jerry, and others

DEAR EDITOR—I am the young-
est [youngest] child of our family, and was
born in Franklin county, Virginia.
My first owner's name was James
Caloway, of Franklin. I was sold
when quite a girl. My name is
Sally Caloway and mother's was
Judy Caloway. Mother died when
I was about five years old. I am a
twin child, the boy died. I left
three brothers, William, Washing-
ton [Washington] and Jerry. My sister's names
are Harriet and Jane. Harriet be-
longed [belonged] to Billis Leftridge. Jane
belonged to Jim Taylor, who had a
son named Sealt Taylor. After
James Caloway died we were di-
vided [divided], and I became the servant of
his son, Tom Caloway. My third
owner was Chatten Pollet, of the
same county and State. My uncle's
name was George Caloway; he
died on the railroad. Aunt's name
was Matilda ; she belonged to Lute
Tumble, but is dead. Grand
mother's [Grandmother's] name was Jennie Caloway
and she was alive when I left home.
Address me at Corpus Christi,

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