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Brice, age eight, lost or stolen in Baltimore, MD, in 1866 [one year after the Civil War].

Charley, a boy, was taken from the place of Squire Vernon, five miles from Indianapolis. This was in ca. 1865, during or right after the Civil War.

Unnamed parents searching for their son, Washington, age about seven, who "strayed from home," in Richmond, VA, in February 1866.

Caroline, age about eight, was "in the employment of" Mr. Griffin. He moved from Fluvanna County, VA, to Fauquier County, VA, in 1865, carrying Caroline with him.

Carolina Thomas searching for her son Aron Thomas who was enslaved by Lucinda Cutler in Dinwiddie County, VA.

General, age about 10, was stolen from the market wharf in New Bern, NC, the previous Friday. In 1869, during Reconstruction.

Hiram left Montpelier, Vermont, nearly 20 years ago [ca 1823]. He was in New Orleans when last heard of. His mother placed this antebellum ad in 1843.

Ad placed in Philadelphia in 1849, before the Civil War. Baynan fears that her son, age about 15, has been kidnapped.

Motte, and the child's mother, searching for a four year old "colored boy" who "strayed" away. Ad placed in Wilmington, North Carolina, two weeks before the Civil War ended.

Isham Richardson, described as being an albino, was taken from his father when "the Federal army came through" during the Civil War. He is believed to be somewhere in the North.

Maria Adeline was formerly enslaved by Dr. Lively. She was "taken" from Tampa, Florida and "carried" to Key West, Florida.

He left their home in Baltimore on Nov. 19, 1864. Not seen since. He works on the wharf. During the Civil War.

Millie Blue, age 14, left her home in Howard County, Maryland. Parents fear she was enticed away.

Richmond Planet April 12 1919.jp2
Virginia Rice searching for relatives of her mother, Lucy Fisher. Her mother, her grandmother Harriet Fisher, and her great-grandmother, Kate Winfrey, were all slaves of Winfrey/Winfreys family of Richmond, VA. Searcher's maternal grandfather was Bob…

Alexandria VA Gazette Aug 10 1864.jp2
Son recently kidnapped from the Market House in Alexandria, VA. Reward for information of his whereabouts.

Benton Lettle and Dick Holmes 2-26-1885.tif
John Holmes searching for his stepfather Benton, mother Lettie, and brother Dick Holmes. They lived in Vicksburg, MS and he was taken from them in the second or third year of the war by southern soldiers who brought him to Texas where he was…

Long Lost Son 1-1-1898.tif
Margret Young, sold and separated from her family in 1861, was reunited with her son Dowen Young as Christmas gift. Margret and her three children lived, all slaves of John Arthur, in Clay County, MO near the town of Liberty when the civil war broke…

Silas Mitchell 6-4-1892.tif
Mrs. Harriet Hunt is searching for her son Silas Mitchell. He was born in Northumberland County, VA and was taken from his mother in the second year of the civil war.

Martha (Payen) Smith was stolen by Jayhawkers and is searching for mother, Kansas Payen, and sister, Mary Payen.

Evening Star. Washington DC. Lost and Found Ad. Oct 20 1863.jp2
Unnamed, Washington, DC, searching for his son, about age 5, who "strayed away or was taken from his home." During the Civil War.

Unnamed woman searching for her son George Demonet, age 5, who strayed from home last Monday morning.

Louisa West.jpg
Louisa West, Jonesborough, TN, searching for son, Thomas Russel. A Confederate lieutenant took him to Richmond, VA in 1865.

S. C. Young searching for their mother Menty Young who left with the Union Army, but was captured and then sold.
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