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Jane Stokes searching for her mother, Harriet Cooley, who moved to San Francisco several years prior. Also looking for Cooley's other children Mary, Georgiana, Rebecca, Virginia, Rowley, James, and John.

Freeman was sold in Dover, Tennessee, in 1863, during the Civil War. Reunited with her mother in 1892.

Lucinda Pillow (formerly Lucinda Hargrave) is searching for her brother and sister, George and Fannie Hargrave.

Mary Hughes seeking the whereabouts of her sister Susan Adlet White, who was last seen in Florence, Boone County, Kentucky in 1877.

She is looking for her brothers and sisters.

Ann Washington seeking her mother Susan Sprigg/Sprigs (also referred to as Lucy Stubb) and extended family. Her mother previously lived in Gloucester County, Virginia and was enslaved by Richard Cook.

Ann Washington (formerly Ann Stubbs) seeking information about her cousin Susan Sprigs and several members of her family.

J. Clark is looking for their brother Anthony who sold to Rafe Phillips and taken to Alabama. He was then sold to the owner of a line of steamboats.

Ann inquires of her family and wishes this letter to be read in all the churches

Nannie Depew is searching for her son, Johnny Brown, who sometimes lives in Richmond.

Geo Drummond 5-22-1884.tif
George Drummond searching for his mother Aggie Drummond, brother Toney, and sister Lucinda. His former mistress tells him that they were brought to Montechello about 51 years ago. George wishes this to be read in the churches and day schools.

G.M. Bradford 10-15-1885.tif
G. M. Bradford is searching for Wyatt Bradford and wishes for the pastor of the Vicksburg Circuit to read the letter to his congregation. A later ad from November 11, 1885 adds that he was last heard from in Vicksburg, MS.

Ellis Buck 3-5-1885.tif
Milfred Hanton is searching for his brother Ellis Buck. He used to belong to Mr. John Buck. Her parents were Maria and Peter Hanton. They lived on the Sunflower River. Ellis was sold by his young master before the war. There were nine children,…

Dock Terrell 5-21-1885.tif
Dock Terrell is searching for his son Sandford Terrell who was last heard from in 1883 in New Orleans. Dock was in Arkansas at the time but is now in Mississippi, ten miles west of Grenada. He would like ministers to read this from their pulpits.

Delia Owen 6-18-1885.tif
Delia Owen is searching for her son Alfred Davis who belonged to Mr. Boyd Smith and was taken by a gambler and put in the sale yard. Mr. Jas. Wilson bought him and took him to Louisiana. His mother had a sister named Ann Owen and married a man…

Clarissa 4-23-1885.tif
Clarissa is searching for her father and mother, sister and brothers. Her father's name was Zeals Butler and her mother's name was Mariah Winkfield. She belonged to Johnnie Winkfield who married Caroline Gypson. Clarissa belonged to Lucius…

Caroline Bonner 6-19-1884.tif
Caroline Bonner is searching for her two sons Jim Johnson and Henry Holada. She last saw them in Gainesville, Hall County, GA. Her name at the time was Caroline Coventon but is now Caroline Bonner. They have a sister, Malissa Johnson, father, Amos…

Bettie Moore 10-8-1885.tif
Bettie Moore is searching for her sisters, Anna Liza Brown and Cornelius, and brother Walter Bell. The first sister was born from her father, Norvel Bell's first wife Maria Bishop, while her, Walter, and Cornelius were born from his second wife,…

Benton Lettle and Dick Holmes 2-26-1885.tif
John Holmes searching for his stepfather Benton, mother Lettie, and brother Dick Holmes. They lived in Vicksburg, MS and he was taken from them in the second or third year of the war by southern soldiers who brought him to Texas where he was…

Bennett Forrest 9-18-1884.tif
Bennett Forrest searching for his extended family. His mother, then named Sally Johnson, left everyone back in Cloverport, Kentucky. She was enslaved by Thomas Brown.

Anna Wair 7-15-1885.tif
Anna Wair is searching for her father Jim Wair who she left in Marion, Perry County, Alabama in 1869 and has not heard from him since. Her mother, Anakia, died the second year they came out to Mississippi. She and her sister Celia are both alive…

Amanda Adams 11-25-1885.tif
Amanda Adams is searching for her father, John Williams, and sister Jane. He left them 30 years ago in Pike County, MS. He has heard that his sister was sold to someone named Wells. The last time he heard from them was in Pike County, MS in 1881. …

Alfred Yancey 7-8-1885.tif
Alfred Yancey is searching for his seven brothers and one sister whom he left in Granville County, NC in 1839. They all belonged to a lawyer name Abraham Venable. His mother's name was Pinkey and his father's name was Joshua. His brothers were…

Eliza Pemberton searching for her mother, Mollie; sisters Ellen and Winney; and brothers Warner, Lloyd and Burrell.
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