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They belonged to the estate of Esther Meekins and were carried from Roanoke Island, North Carolina, into the Confederate lines in 1861, during the Civil War.

John Caesar Barber searching for his mother Mrs. John Jackson. Barber went to Texas in 1866, leaving his mother in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Benton Lettle and Dick Holmes 2-26-1885.tif
John Holmes searching for his stepfather Benton, mother Lettie, and brother Dick Holmes. They lived in Vicksburg, MS and he was taken from them in the second or third year of the war by southern soldiers who brought him to Texas where he was…

M.M. Muldrew searching for their father, Butler Muldrew; mother, Rinda Whitesides and two unnamed paternal half-brothers.

Alexandria Gazette Dec 10 1900.jp2
A. B. Carter searching for Benjamin Harris, a "true and faithful servant" before and during Civil War. Carter was Captain of Co. F, 6th VA Cavalry.

R. D. Dervin searching for his uncle, Dock Phenix, and his grandfather's uncle, Andrew Foot.

Thomas Arthur Everick, New York, NY, searching for his parents and siblings, of Florida and then Winnsboro, SC area

Lucy Kirby, of Norfolk, VA, searching for her son Richard Kirby aka Dick Kirby. Sold two years before the Civil War.

Rosa Holloway searching for her grandmother Rosetta Thompson and family members named Maria, Jennie, Susann, Hester, Rachel, Jack, Bailey, and Leonard.

Louisa West.jpg
Louisa West, Jonesborough, TN, searching for son, Thomas Russel. A Confederate lieutenant took him to Richmond, VA in 1865.

Maria Tarleton seeking information about her husband, Columbus Victory

Rev. Wesley J. Gains searching for Reuben Evans who purchased his freedom from Robert Toombs.

Charles Metts searching for his wife Jane, and their children Margaret, Drucilla, Charles Henry and Elizabeth. They were last known to be in Columbia, SC.

Alfred Grason searching for his mother, Harriet Grason, who was last known to be in Columbia, TN.

Cheaney Neal searching for her husband, Garret Neal, who was last known to be in Richmond, VA.

Sandy Lynch searching for his wife, Silvey, and their children Henrietta, Jane and Alexander.
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