Thomas Arthur Everick searching for family

Concerning Lewis Everick, his wife Eliza, and
their children, Mandy Creasey, Hannah, Julia,
Rachel, five daughters; and Vincent and Hilliard,
two sons; all owned and named after their
last master and mistress, Wm. Young and wife
Mandy. In 1864, when Emancipation was proclaimed,
they then lived three quarters of a
mile from Baptist Poplar church—composed of
colored and white members—and ten miles from
Winsboro, down Horsebranch, South Carolina.

In 1860, they were all living with their old
master, Alexander Young, in Florida. Wm.
Young, his son, with the above names slaves
removed back to Charleston, South Carolina,
the same year. When the war of the rebellion
broke out, Wm. Young and his brother Werter
joined the rebel army, and took Arthur with
them to cook and take care of horses. Soon
after Arthur joined the Union army, and after
the war was over came to New York.

Any information as to the whereabouts of the
within named relations, and addressed to the
"Powell House," 153 Thompson street, New
York., will confer a great favor on their absent
son and brother.


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