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Andrew Dennis and Richard (Dick) Dennis were last seen six years ago in Coweeche County, Georgia. They may have joined the Union army. Their mother, brother, and sister are residing in California and wish to hear from them.

Charles Wright, from Point Lookout, Maryland, searching for Henry Hall from Aberdeen, Mississippi.

James, a "free colored boy," left his father's house in Louisville, KY, in 1862. He is supposed to have followed one of the divisions of the army.

Dogan, of Pottstown, PA, found his first wife in 1871. They had been separated during the Civil War, when Dogan escaped into the Union lines and enlisted. His second wife supposedly gave her "hearty consent" for him to return to his first wife and…

George White (known as Turner White before the Civil War) was born in Panola County, MS, and "formerly belonged to" Col. F.M. White. He was in the army. Mustered out in Mobile, AL, in 1867.

Mrs. Louisa Cook, wife of Benjamin Cook, Co. K, 28th U.S.C.T., is asked to call at Hicks U.S. Army General Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

Amy Morris, aka "Mrs. Frenchy," grew up enslaved in Hancock County, GA, near Sparta, GA. Beginning at age 14, she was sold several times, in Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas, before she escaped during the Civil War. Previously, she and her first…

Wood's brother, Gabriel Wood, enlisted in 1861 and died in 1863 or 1864. Was stationed on President's Island, near Memphis, TN. [Ad is possibly related to a Civil War pension application].

Newsom searching for Jim Smith, body servant of Andrew Smith, Co. H., 3d Ark./56th U.S.C.T. [Civil War]

Brown, of Baltimore, MD, searching for Craig, of the 6th Michigan Artillery. Ad placed in September 1865, five months after the Civil War.

Mrs. Byard seeking information on her husband, Robert Byard, who enlisted in Company C, 4th Massachusetts U.S. Colored Troops, 1865. She needs the information to obtain a Civil War widow's pension. The reply to her ad is also attached.

Taylor, a Civil War veteran of the 1st U.S. Colored Troops, searching for Col. John H. Holeman. Taylor is applying for a veteran's pension.

Anderson left Lee County, Mississippi, during the Civil War, to join the Federal Army.

Nathaniel Dunmore is searching for soldiers who know details of Edmond Dunmore's death. Enlisted from Pennsylvania during the Civil War. [Presumably related to a Civil War pension application].

Isham Richardson, described as being an albino, was taken from his father when "the Federal army came through" during the Civil War. He is believed to be somewhere in the North.

Samuel Brown was mustered out of the 2d Kansas Colored Regiment last fall [1865] at Fort Leavenworth. His father is anxious to hear form him.

Emma Cloud is searching for George Hutchinson, a Baptist preacher who joined the army in Tennessee.

She is searching for Reuben Burrow who was the body servant of Gen. N. B. Burrow during the Mexican War.

Martin Lucas searching for sister, Agnes Polks, wife of Archie Polks, and army comrades George Rosh, Charley Andrews, and Nathan Andrews [probably for a Civil War pension claim]

Brown Jones is searching for his mother, Frankie Hightower, brothers Bruce and Car Hightower, and sister Lucifer Hightower

John C. Bender and William Bouy are searching for a comrade who served in the same regiment as Bouy

Searching for uncles John McCraty, Sam McCraty, Green McCraty, and West McCraty. They "went off with the army" [presumably during the Civil War].

Hullum's father went to New Orleans "during the emancipation" on a U.S. ship "as inspector." He served in the U.S. Army.
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