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Maria Pope searching for her husband Andrew/Andy who "formerly belonged to" Dr. Pope, near Augusta, AR. He is supposed to be in St. Louis or Louisville.

Wm. Garnet searching for his wife, Jane, and his children, Willis, Abraham, and Jeney, formerly enslaved by Daniel Garnett, of Manchester, KY. He has been separated from his wife and children for 14 years [since ca. 1851].

Thompson and Owens enslaved on same plantation in Morgan County, Tennessee. They were separated during the Civil War but reunited in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1894 and married there.

Jones and Vaughn, of Kansas City, Kansas, were separated after emancipation. Reunited and married in 1899.

Nathan Branch, the "oldest colored man" in Evanston, Illinois, learns that his brother lives in Macon, Georgia. They were separated by sale in 1833, in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Bradley and his wife were sold apart from each other in 1859. They found each other and remarried in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 1880.

Newspaper account of an unnamed preacher, St. Joseph, MO, who found his sister, Louisa Smith, of Indianapolis, IN

Willie Price is searching for his two sons, John and Dorse.

Mrs. Woodsen finds little sister, Mrs. Culton, of Bonne Terre, Missouri

New National Era. Washington DC September 29 1870 copy 2.jp2
Henry Green, Sr. searching for his son, William Green, who left Beaufort, SC, for New York, with a U.S. army officer in 1865.

Kitty Presnell 5-8-1884.tif
Kitty Presnell submitted two different ads in the search for her children.

A woman named Jane searching for her mother, Sallie Smith, and her sisters Celia Smith, Lydia Calcoat, and Ann Smith/Martha Riley.

Eliza Gedding 4-24-1884.tif
Eliza Gedding is searching for her daughter Sarah Francis Brown who was sold from her when she was about 10 years old. Formerly enslaved by Elizabeth Hoflers, Sarah was taken south by a man named McGill and then sold to a man in Haywood named Harvey…

Rhods-Leftwich 9-3-1892 HQ.tif
Mrs. Francis Chilcoat searching for her sisters Emiline, Octavia, and Rhoda and her brothers John, Henrey, and James Leftwich. They were all enslaved by Major Tom Leftwich at Liberty, Bedford County, VA before the war when she last saw them.

Jacob Gardiner 2-14-1891.tif
Geo. Gardiner is searching for his father Jacob Gardiner, a slave belonging to Thomas G. Gardiner of Grimwell County, KY. Jacob was freed in 1846, went to Handover, IN near Madison, where he worked for Dr. Hayes. He carried with him his wife and a…

J. T. Henry seeking information of his uncle, Andy Halebrooks, who was enslaved by a man with the surname Mayberry in Walker County, Georgia.

G. V. Medlock searching for his grandparents Daniel and Betsy; uncles David, John, Jim, Nathan, Willis and Isiah; aunts Rachel, Martha, Nancy; Nellie, Betsie, and Becky; and siblings Abby, Robert, and Granley.

M. A. Hobson searching for her brother Jack Copp. Mrs. J. H. Copp enslaved Jack who was last seen in Eutaw, Alabama in 1865.

Nelson Hart.jp2
Nelson Hart, Chicago, Illinois, searching for his sister, Harriett Shipley. She went up Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO, with a number of other "contrabands." Supposed to be in Minnesota.

Annetta Goodwin searching for her father Thomas Jones; brothers Charles, Drury Richard, and Robt, Jones; sisters Jennie Ales, Julia Francis Anderson, Kinnie Johnson, Susan Jones, and Leanna Bald; daughter Missouri; and unnamed granddaughter.

Mary Ellen (Willliams) Chapman searching for her parents Emily and Henry Williams; sister Sarah; brothers James and George; uncles George, James and Philip Roots; aunt Ellen Roots; and grandparents George and Sarah Roots.

Lucinda Singletery searching for her mother, brother Joe, and her sisters Julia Ann Burns, Maria, and Mary. The family was separated through sale in January of 1865.
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