James Richards (formerly James Kayhe) searching for his relatives

MR. EDITOR— I desire to inquire for kin folks. I have five sisters and four brothers. I left them all in S— Co., Miss., in 1855 My oldest sister, Rachel, was carried to Jackson parish, La., by William Smith. My sister Siney belonged to Avery Chambers. Hetty belonged to Luet Sigers. The last I heard of Viney she was still with our old owner, Judge Kayhe, and and Daniel was with John Kayhe. My younger brothers, Wesley and Aaron, belonged to Dr. Kelly, and the last I heard of them they were still living with Dr. Kelly. I went by the name of James Kayhe when we all belonged to Judge Kayhe, but since freedom I have gone by the name of James Richards. My brother Isaac and sister Esther are living at Columbus with me. Please address me at Columbus Sabine parish, La.

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