William Ambrose (formerly Ambrose Brackens) searching for his family

Circular of Inquiry.


Chicago, May 18, 1865

Mr. WM. AMBROSE, of the firm of Ambrose & Jackson, Restaurant keepers. 91 Clark street, Chicago, Ill., wishes most earnestly to find the family of his mother, brothers and sisters, and will state the following particulars in his own words: "I was known in Kentucky by the name of AMBROSE BRACKENS. The family moved from Pleasant Run Washington Co., near Springfield, to New Madrid, Mo. about 80 miles below Cairo, about ten years ago, at which time I took my freedom and came North, and have never seen the family or my mother since. About four and a half years ago, my mother's family moved from New Madrid to Algiers, opposite New Orleans. They afterwards moved to Madisonville; from Madisonville back to New Orleans about three years ago, where they lived at the Tivoli Circle. The boys, John and Henry Brackens, worked at the Jackson Depot. Rumor says that Mr. Brackens afterwards carried them from New Orleans to Texas. Two boys, twins, have been born since I left the family. The family was well-known in Madisonville.

I had a brother, John, of very dark complexion. My mother's name was Mary Brackens. I had a sister, Mahala, named for her aunt, Mahala Jet, who lives at Pleasant Run, Ky. My next brother's name was Henry; then my sisters, Martha and Sarah, and brother Wilson. My step-father went by the name of Uncle Jack. My brothers and sisters are all named Brackens.

The people my mother and children lived with were named Wm. R. Brackens, usually called "Bill Brackens," and his wife Elizabeth Brackens, called "Betsy Brackens," who was a grand daughter of old Hughey Gurdon of Washington Co., Ky.

Any person knowing where my mother or any of her children are, will confer a great favor upon me by addressing a letter to me, Wm. AMBROSE., 81 South Clark St., Chicago, Ill. Post Office Box 393, and thus relieve an anxious heart. I shall also be glad to have any of my former acquaintances, either white or colored, if they will call upon me at South Clark Street, Chicago, Ill., where I have a good business and am well known.

Any information may be sent to Major B. Rush Plumly, No. 58 Baronne street, New Orleans, or to the Post-office, addressed to him. Major Plumly has taken a great interest in uniting my family, and will forward any information to me.


Known in Kentucky as AMBROSE BRACKENS.

P.S. - Ministers and Teachers among the Freedmen are earnestly requested to read this in their schools and churches, and greatly oblige me.


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