Rev. James McHenry (formerly James Dewprew) searching for his sister Emaline Dewprew, brother-in-law Oughtaway Johnson, and relatives

DEAR EDITOR: I wish to make some inquiry for my relations through our most comendable paper. One sister named Emaline Dewprew was sold to one Daniel Dewprew, her husband was named Oughtaway Johnson. They went from Lexington, Oglethorpe county, Ga., to Memphis, Tenn. William Dewprew also be-

longed to Daniel Dewprew. Sarah and Louisa and Larry Dewprew all used to live in Lexington, Ga. all of them went to Memphis, Tenn., the last I heard of them. Our father's name was Abraham Dewprew. He belonged to Daniel Dewprew in Oglethorpe county, Ga. Our mother's name was Ranney Dewprew. Our father's father's name was James McHenry, so we all, after the emancipation, quit going by the name of our old master, viz: Dewprew, and took our father's right name, McHenry. My name is James McHenry. Address REV. JAMES MCHENRY, Cave Springs, Ga.

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