Robert F. Sturdivant (formerly Robert Freer) searching for his aunt Henrietta Eaton

MR. EDITOR-- I wish to inquire for my aunt. Her name was Henrietta Eaton when she came from Granville county, North Carolina, and her husband was David Eaton. He belonged to John Eaton in North Carolina, and her baby at that time was a boy named Granderson, but other children were born afterward, and she has not seen me since she left North Carolina. Her father kept Wm. Eaton's mill. My grandmother was Mollie Eaton, and her sons were Jordan, Green and Carloss; and daughters, Dolly, Charlotte and Henrietta. The last named being the baby. I hope she remembers me - a little boy of her sister Charlotte's - Robert Freer, and my oldest sister, Emily, and our mistress, Betsy Freer. Her sisters, Marrel and Mary, and her brother, John Freer, were Robert Freer's children. Jordan and his family fell to Miss Marrel Freer, and Charlotte and her family fell to Betsy Freer. We all came to Columbus, Miss. Henrietta and her husband, David Eaton, were brought to Holly Springs, Miss., in slavery, by Bludsoe, and we heard of them there time and again since the surrender. Betsy Freer married a Sturdivant. Address me at Mayhew Station, Miss. ROBERT F. STURDIVANT

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