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Brown wrote to the Clerk of Court, Washington, DC, for information. He was sold away from Washington, DC, 40 years earlier [ca 1846].

Hullum's father went to New Orleans "during the emancipation" on a U.S. ship "as inspector." He served in the U.S. Army.

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Mollie Curren searching for her uncle, Lewis Smith, her aunt, Sallie Anne Thorp, and her aunt, Patsy Thorp. Patsy was sold during slavery.

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Catherine Strong searching for her unnamed mother's family. Strong's grandmother Betsy Ridley, grandfather Thomas Moseley, aunts Lizzie and Georgana, and uncle William.

Allison Washington searching for his parents George and Catherine, brothers James and John, sisters Bettie and Mary Ann, and his aunt and uncle, Phoebe and Allison.

Rhoda Sanders searching for mother, Mary Avernathen; father, Turner; stepfather Dickerson; Tursa and William Avernathen; aunt Ann; grandfather Tomsha and his two children, China and Jordan; and possibly unnamed siblings

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D. J. Price seeking information about his uncles John, James, or Jessie and several unnamed aunts.

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Isaac Rayford Jr. seeking information about his father Isaac Favers, uncles Joe and Daniel Benjamin Finley, and aunts Jane and Lurenia. They were last known to be in Arkansas.

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Thomas Young is looking for the family of his mother Mary Duken who ran away form her master

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Isaac Bray is looking for his father, Carter Bray.

Caroline Holloway searching for her aunts Celia and Violet, uncle Peter Austin (also known as Harry Austin), grandmother Fannie, and her siblings Florence and Amos. Her family was last known to live near Sparta, TN.

R. Gray seeking information on his maternal uncles Lawson and Charlie McClennan and his maternal aunts America McClennan and Mary Birtin.

Henrietta Banks seeking information about her father's relatives. Her father was formerly enslaved by Billy Owens and was stolen when he was 15 and sold in Baltimore.

George White searching for his mother Minerva Jackson who was formerly enslaved by Thomas Baggs of Howard County, MO.

Henry Fuller searching for Thomas Fuller, Eliza Fuller, and his aunt Clarissa Jefferson.

Eliza Powell seeking information about her mother Millie Rese's people. Her mother was enslaved in Petersburg, VA.

Hattie Taylor seeking information on her aunt Mary. Also, Taylor's mother also seeking information on her three sisters Liza Steel, Sarah Lingo, and Harriet Sadlier.

Mrs. Milton seeking information about her father John H. Annin on her father and his siblings. They were last known to live in Hoboken, NJ.

A. R. Rimawr seeking information of their grandparents Randel and Rilda Rankins and aunt and uncle who were formerly enslaved by David Rankins.
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