Mary Haynes searching for her relatives, including her mother Matilda and sister Bettie

MR. EDITOR—I wish to inquire for my relatives, whom I left in Virginia about 25 years ago. My mother's name was Matilda; she lived near Withtown, and belonged to a Mr. Percifield. I was sold with a younger sister—Bettie. My name was Mary, and I was nine years old when sold to a trader named Walker, who carried us to North Carolina. Bettie was sold to a man named Reed, and I was sold and carried to New Orleans and from there to Texas, where I now live. Grandfather's name was Dick, grandmother's Millie. I had uncles Timothy and Guy, aunts Malinda, Caroline and Catherine. Caroline had a girl named Sallie. Catherine had Lucy, Jennie and Malvina. I had a brother, Sam, and a sister, Annie, who were left with mother. If they are alive I will be glad to hear from then. Address me at Morales, Jackson Co., Texas. MARY HAYNES.

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