Matthew Thompson searching for his brothers, and aunts Fannie and Sallie

MR. EDITOR— I wish to inquire for my two brothers and two aunts. My father was Mat. Witherspoon, and my mother Jane Witherspoon, and belonged to Wm. Witherspoon. We left one of my annts in Natchez, Miss.; her name was Fannie, and Sallie was sold to a man by the name of Lowzeknow, in Franklin county, Miss. Mother had seven children. In 1864 Calvin went to Natchez, Miss., and then to the war; the last letter he wrote was from Memphis, Tenn. Jesse left in 1872, and went to Vicksburg, Miss. The other children were named Silas Thompson, Sallie, Peggy Gary and Bettie Gary. Address Mat. Thompson, Barlow, Copiah county, Miss.

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