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Andrew Dennis and Richard (Dick) Dennis were last seen six years ago in Coweeche County, Georgia. They may have joined the Union army. Their mother, brother, and sister are residing in California and wish to hear from them.

Nathan Malony searching for his wife, Eve, who left in 1865 when Sherman was marching through South Carolina.

Frank Waters, of Baltimore, Maryland, was searching for his son, John Waters, who was in the 4th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops.

Susan Howard searching for her son Billy Howard, age about 19, who left Kingston, Georgia, in the spring of 1864.

James, a "free colored boy," left his father's house in Louisville, KY, in 1862. He is supposed to have followed one of the divisions of the army.

Ellen and Eliza Cooke left Athens, TN, with General Sherman's army in 1863 [during the Civil War].

Amy Morris, aka "Mrs. Frenchy," grew up enslaved in Hancock County, GA, near Sparta, GA. Beginning at age 14, she was sold several times, in Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas, before she escaped during the Civil War. Previously, she and her first…

Isham Richardson, described as being an albino, was taken from his father when "the Federal army came through" during the Civil War. He is believed to be somewhere in the North.

Bill Dudley searching for his father Austin Dudley who left occupied Selma, AL, with Federal raiders, near the end of the Civil War. Has not been heard from since.

New National Era. Washington DC September 29 1870 copy 2.jp2
Henry Green, Sr. searching for his son, William Green, who left Beaufort, SC, for New York, with a U.S. army officer in 1865.

National Tribune. Washington DC. June 20 1907.jp2
Catherine Bruester searching for her brother, Green Baker (Bruester), who joined a Tennessee colored regiment in 1862 and has not been seen since.

National Republican. Washington DC Oct 26 1887.jp2
Ellen Dixon searching for her son. He went to New York with a Union regiment. Includes transcription of memorandum written by former master, John T. Bloxham, during the Civil War, when John Dixon left.

Ester Turner 7-31-1884.tif
Esther Turner searching for her mother Sally, brothers Isaiah, George Washington (often called Lit) and one whose name she cant' remember, sisters Sally, Eliza, Nancy Franklin, and Matilda, aunts Eliza, Phillis, and Winnie and Uncle Mack. Her father,…

London and Anderson Bass 7-18-1891.tif
Lucindy Millsap is searching for her two brothers London and Anderson Bass who ran away with Gen. Sherman's Army in 1864. London Bass was totally blind and led off to Atlanta, GA during its siege by his brother Anderson.

Charleston Daily News January 7 1868.jp2
Adam Wright searching for Daniel Wright who left Charleston, SC, with the 45th Pennsylvania Regiment in 1862.

Caroline McAdoy seeking information of her son, Munroe McAdoy. This appears to be the second ad placed by Caroline McAdoy. In the first ad, she is identified as Caroline McAdory and her son is identified as Monroe Harvey.

Frank J. Loper seeking information of his father Daniel Hurd and brother Isaac Loper. Hurd was taken to Louisiana to work in the salt mines during the Civil War.

Caroline McAdory searching for her son, Monroe Harvey. This appears to be the first of two ads placed by McAdory. The second one identifies her as Caroline McAdoy and her son as Munroe McAdoy.

Wm. Bryant searching for Aley (Carr) Pruett's son, William Frago, who left with General Paine. [It is possible that this refers to General Eleazor A. Paine.]

Dock Thatcher searching for his mother Mary Thatcher and siblings John, Mark, Richmond, Martha, Eliza, Matilda, and Peggy. He last saw them in Limestone County, AL.

William Young searching for his aunt Jane Shatels, cousins Fary and Ann, and his brother Josh Shatels.

Caroline Jones searching for her brother, Oscar Jones, who was enslaved by Capt. W. M. Kelley in East Baton Rouge, LA.

James Franklin searching for Harris and Yatt Rainey.
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