John William Sheppard searching for his mother Millie Sheppard (formerly Millie Chivers) and her relatives

Mr. Editor: Please inquire through your paper about my kinfolk. My name is John William Sheppard. My mother's name is Millie Sheppard, and my father's name is William Sheppard. Mother's maiden name was Millie Chivers, and grandmother's maiden name was Hannah Chivers. Her oldest child was Billie, and the next was Mary. I don't know which was next, but I do remember one of my aunt's names, Mamie, and she had two boys. Their names were Bob and Ned. They were carried off with aunt Mamie, their mother, and sold. All of these names, and several others of my aunts and their children, use to belong to Joel M. Chivers, in Troup county, Ga., and were sold five or six years before the late war. Mother was the baby child, and uncle Jack was the next youngest. Chivers never did sell him. He was carried to Louisiana, worked on the railroad about two or three years, and was then brought back to Georgia. Uncle David was a shoemaker. He was sold too, with a large crowd of people from our plantation, too many to mention. Grandmother's name was Hannah. My uncles were named Billie, David and Jack. My aunts were named Mary, Nannie, my mother, and Millie. I don't know the names of mother's other sisters. All of these lived in Troup county, Ga. I am my mother's oldest child. Please address me at Wedowell, Ala.


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