I. W. Kenscer searching for his brother-in-laws Holing and Philmore Rowe

MR. EDITOR: I want to inquire for my brother-in-law who went by the names of Holing Rowe, and the other Philmore Rowe. We formerly belonged to a man by the name of Lanson Rowe in Frankling Co., Tennessee. Our father's name was William Holder. Mother's name was Nancy Rowe. She died in Durcard, Tenn., in the time of the war, shortly after we left home. There were six brothers and two sisters. Brothers' names were Mark Rowe, Holin, George, William, Philmore and Johnson, the youngest boy. The girls' names were Sarah and Anniky. My brother Philmore went up North after the war ended. My brother Holing went ts Kansas in the time of the exodus, and I have not heard from them since. My wife is Anniky, the youngest sister; the rest of my brothers and sisters are in Chattanooga, Tenn. Brother George is dead. Any information of their whereabouts please write to Anniky Kenscer, Tullahooma, Coffee Co., Tennessee. I. W. KENSCER.

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