R. D. Dervin (also known as Dick Dervin) searching for his uncle and his grandfather's uncle.

MR. EDITOR: I wish to inquire
for my uncle. He left here during
the war, to the army with his
young master, Harry Rhodes, and
his name was Dock Phenix. He
had a brother, Austin Phenix, and
Willis Foot, Lewis Foot, and his
mother's name was Patsy Foot.
He also had two sisters, Mary and
Rebecca Dervin. She was my
mother. At the time he left us I
was about four years old. My
name is Dick Dervin. I also de-
sire [desire] to inquire for my grandfather's
uncle, Andrew Foot, who was last
heard of in New Orleans. Ad-
dress [Address] me at Vox Populi, Texas.

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