Caroline Holloway looking for her mother's family

They lived near Sparta, Tenn., and be-
longed to the Austin's. My mother's name
was Cloa Austin. She is now dead. My
mother had a brother. Peter or Harry Aus-
tin; she had a sister Violet, and one named
Celia. My grandmother's name was Fan-
nie; they all belonged to the Austins. My
mother was carried from Tenn. to Mo.
when she was a young woman. Mary Aus-
tin went back to Tenn., on a visit during
slavery time My mother, Cloa Austin,
committed suicide ; she left three children,
Amos, Florence and Caroline Sister was
sold to a speculator named Bess, who lived
in Mo. at that time, that is at Utica, Mo.,
about twenty five or twenty six years ago.
Afterwards sister Florence was sold at Lex-
ington, Mo. When she was sold she had
one child. Sister Fannie's complexion is
light, and if living, is about 45 years of
age. Address, Caroline Holloway, Mus-
kogee, Indiana Territory, Box 1[6?]6.

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