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Henry Hall seeking information on his brother, Nathaniel Hall. He is 6 ft 2 inches and born in Indiana.

Sarah Johnson seeking information about her son, Wm. Henry Wilson, who travelled to San Francisco, California with a gentleman named Fawcett.

William Snyder, age 12, left his home in Harrisburg, PA, in August 1868 to go to Sunday school. Has been missing for over a week.

Butler, age 15, was last seen leaving his home in Baltimore, MD, in 1869.

Bowen escaped from slavery, near St. Francisville, MO, in 1859. He presumably went to Chicago and, from there, to Canada.

Unnamed parents searching for their son, Washington, age about seven, who "strayed from home," in Richmond, VA, in February 1866.

Hezekiah was last seen heading from his boarding house to his vessel, in Baltimore, MD, in January 1871. Ad placed that year, during Reconstruction.

Rosey Evans, age about 11 and from Harford County, MD, has been missing since September 1873.

James Sanders left Cambridge or Castle Haven, Dorchester County, MD, in January 1870.

Nancy Dolly was last seen on July 4, 1872, when she left for Baltimore from Vuo de L'Eau, Virginia (near Norfolk, Virginia).

Frances, age 8, left her home about four weeks since, in 1848 in Philadelphia. [She was presumably free]. An antebellum ad.

Brown's parents searching for him. He was 14 years old and left their home in Philadelphia in July 1833. Supposedly went up Schuylkill, along the canal. [All presumably free African Americans]. An antebellum ad, from 1833.

Perry Alexandria Wayman, age 10 or 11, went missing in Baltimore, Maryland, in June 1867.

Friends searching for Eliza Jane Hammond, who wandered away from home in 1868, during Reconstruction. She is supposed to be in Baltimore, Maryland.

Mrs. Byard seeking information on her husband, Robert Byard, who enlisted in Company C, 4th Massachusetts U.S. Colored Troops, 1865. She needs the information to obtain a Civil War widow's pension. The reply to her ad is also attached.

Butler's mother, Anna Brown/Anna Blackwell, and three sisters were brought from Virginia to New Orleans about 1830 and sold there. Butler placed this antebellum ad in 1840.

Wilson went from New York City to Philadelphia. Ad placed in 1865, during the Civil War.

Nicholson, of Baltimore, Maryland, was a "yellow" butcher, commonly called Big Joe. During Reconstruction.

Isham Richardson, described as being an albino, was taken from his father when "the Federal army came through" during the Civil War. He is believed to be somewhere in the North.

Easton, of Indianapolis, Indiana, found his mother, Clara Clounch, of Paducah, Kentucky. They were separated by sale when he was seven years old.

Reprinted from the Indianapolis Sentinel (Indianapolis, IN)

Son born in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He left her two years ago [ca 1889] in Washington County, Mississippi.

He was last heard of at Helena, Arkansas, in 1884. A cook on a steamboat.

Melinda Jones searching for information as to the whereabouts of her son Johnny Jones who was from Prince William County, Virginia.

Daughter reunited with her parents, Newtown, Maryland. She "belonged to the Rush estate," from which she was sold 20 years earlier [in ca 1855].
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