W. H. Pitzer searching for his sister Miss Maud Pitzer

Pretty Maud Pitzer, of Silver City,
Disappears in Omaha.
OMAHA, Neb., April 29. — W. H. Pitzer,
of Silver City, Ia., has been in the city
for several days in search of his sister,
Miss Maud Pitzer, aged 21. Pitzer
says his sister was a teacher in the
schools at Hillsdale, Ia., until Monday,
April 20, when she resigned without
giving any reason and disappeared,
taking with her only a small valise.
She was traced as far as Council Bluffs
to the union transfer. Mr. Pitzer
fears that she may have become
despondent over some financial matters
and ended her life. Miss Pitzer was
an estimable woman and was very
highly regarded in the community in
which she resided. She is described as
attired in a blue dress with red checks,
trimmed in velvet, and wore away a
heavy blue cape and black straw hat
with Tam O'Shanter crown.

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