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Mrs. Millie Harden looking for her lost sister, Mrs. Anna Davis, who was last known to be traveling to Des Moines, IA.

Mary C. Stewart searching for her father, William W. Wheeler, who was last heard of residing in Victoria B. C.

James Williams searching for his brother-in-law, John Archer, who was last heard from in San Francisco.

Henry Hall seeking information on his brother, Nathaniel Hall. He is 6 ft 2 inches and born in Indiana.

Martha Ann Goff searching for her father William Goff who was last heard from while residing in Dogtown.

Sarah Johnson seeking information about her son, Wm. Henry Wilson, who travelled to San Francisco, California with a gentleman named Fawcett.

Margaret Stone seeking information about her son, Benjamin Stone, who when last heard from was in California.

James Brodis seeking information about his siblings Edward and Harriet Brodis who were last heard from in Mariposa County, California.

J. P. Dyer looking for his sister, Ann Maria Blake, who last resided in Newport RI.

Mahala Smith searching for her daughter, Martha Clemens, who lived with Dr. Clemens, near Keatstown, MO, and left there during the Civil War.

Anyone knowing her whereabouts will direct her to James Royce's office, Baltimore, MD.

William Snyder, age 12, left his home in Harrisburg, PA, in August 1868 to go to Sunday school. Has been missing for over a week.

Butler, age 15, was last seen leaving his home in Baltimore, MD, in 1869.

Brice, age eight, lost or stolen in Baltimore, MD, in 1866 [one year after the Civil War].

Charley, a boy, was taken from the place of Squire Vernon, five miles from Indianapolis. This was in ca. 1865, during or right after the Civil War.

Henry, a little boy, "strayed" from his grandmother's house in Powhatan County, VA, in 1869. It is supposed he went down to Richmond by river boat. Ad placed in 1870 (during Reconstruction).

Unnamed parents searching for their son, Washington, age about seven, who "strayed from home," in Richmond, VA, in February 1866.

Caroline, age about eight, was "in the employment of" Mr. Griffin. He moved from Fluvanna County, VA, to Fauquier County, VA, in 1865, carrying Caroline with him.

Esther lives in Richmond, VA. Her son, age about 12, was "raised by" Mrs. James Garnett, of Caroline County, VA. ["Raised by" probably means Edgar was enslaved by Garnett].

He left his home in Baltimore, MD, in 1870. During Reconstruction.

Rosey Evans, age about 11 and from Harford County, MD, has been missing since September 1873.

He left Wake County, NC, in August 1866. He was in Harnett County, NC, when last heard from. Ad placed in 1867, during Reconstruction.

Rebecca came to Baltimore, MD, from Essex County, MD, in May 1873. Ad placed later in 1873, during Reconstruction.

James Sanders left Cambridge or Castle Haven, Dorchester County, MD, in January 1870.

Ralph Thomas searching for information about Eudora Johnson, age 12, who was last seen in Washington, D.C. where she "strayed" from her home.
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