Terry Brown (formerly Terry Harrison) seeking her parents, siblings, and two children

MR. EDITOR-- I wish to find my kin people and children through your paper. My father and mother belonged to Fred Deliner, also their four children. I also wish to know what became of a brother by the name of Geo. Harrison, who belonged to Sam Midlecoah. George had his hand cut off at the threshing machine. After I left home my mother and four children left Fred Deliner; I was then called Terry Harrison, by marriage now my name is Terry Brown. Please let me know where my two children are, namely: Mary Ann Ebright, Joseph Henry Johnson. I left them with Mrs. Rose Ann Bornet. I there belonged to Geo. Mich. I wish any one that may read this letter of inquiry and know of the persons herein mentioned would either write me, Terry Brown, Bolton, Hinds county, Miss., or publish in the Southwestern Christian Advocate.

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