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They belonged to Andy Austin, at or near Chillicothe, MO. Frances was sold to a speculator 27 or 28 years ago [ca. 1856 or 1857].

Butler's mother, Anna Brown/Anna Blackwell, and three sisters were brought from Virginia to New Orleans about 1830 and sold there. Butler placed this antebellum ad in 1840.

Benjamin, of Choctaw and Chickasaw Nation, enlisted in the 1st Colored regiment [1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry Regiment] during the Civil War. Last heard from in Kansas City, Missouri, charged with desertion.

Smith, insurance and real estate agent, searching for Finley, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation

They are "mulatto" and from the Creek Nation. They escaped, presumably to the North, from Maysville about ten days after the Civil War battle there.

National Republican. Washington DC. Dec 2 1885.jp2
Jerusha Williams, Washington, DC, searching for her parents, Pompey Williams and Susan Williams. Last seen with Mr. William Alberty

B.L. Nevils 5-15-1884.tif
B.L. Nevils is writing to inform Mr. Anthony Grifnin that his brother, Isam Davenport, who he requested information about, has died in Okolona, Choctaw County, MS. He does not know exactly when.

Easter Carding searching her father Shearfe, grandmother Gracey, and aunts Easter and Cheney.

I. W. Thomas searching for his father Henry Phillips and unnamed uncles. He last saw his father in Sumter County, Georgia.

Caroline Holloway searching for her aunts Celia and Violet, uncle Harry/Patter Austin, grandmother Fannie, and her siblings Florence and Amos.

Eda Lowe, formerly Ratlaft, seeking information of her mother, Phoebe Ratlaft, who was enslaved by a member of the Cherokee nation.

Lucy Ann Swann seeking information of her family who were formerly enslaved by Bill Fliroy. Her father may have been Native American.
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