Lucy Ann Swann seeking information about her parents Lizzie and Joe Swann

Information wanted of my peo-
ple, whose names were Lizzie and
Joe Swann. My owner's name
was Billy Fliroy, who married
Mary Clay, for whom I nursed two
children--Clarance and Oscar. My
name was Lucy Ann Swann; I
went by the name of father. I had
two aunts whom I remember, Tabie
Clay and Maria Clay, belonging to
John Clay. Bill Fliroy was a tax
collector and sold me to make up
his tax account. My mother had
two children when I was sold--
Thomas and myself. Thomas
was a carriage driver for Mary Fliroy;
I was a nurse. My mother was a
dark woman and was known as
"Black Indian;" she had very
long course black hair. Father
was a red man; wore his hair long
and worked at a place called the
"Pits" at the time I was sold. Any
one having any information of them
will please address, Rev. J. L.
Moore, Box 676, St. Augustine,

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