Mary Ann Canton looking for her parents Richard Crowder and Annette Strowther

MR. EDITOR: I lost my father
near 31 years ago, as well as I can
remember. He belonged to the
Booths', he and mother were parted
in slave time by their owners.
Mother belonged to the Strow-
thers [Strowthers], both came from Hinds county,
Mississippi. Mother located in
East Texas, father in West Texas.
He was said to have gone near to
the Indian Nation, to the salt
works, and mother in Sabine
county. She was Annette Strow-
ther [Strowther], and father was Richard Boose.
He now goes by the name of Rich-
ard [Richard] Crowder. Father had a daugh-
ter [daughter] Nancy. He and mother did
not live together long, and I was
born after they were parted and
named Mary Ann Canton. I re-
ceived [received] a letter from father the sec-
ond [second] year of freedom, and I did not
answer it because I feared he would
take me from mother. She is
dead, and I feel the need of
father. His owner was John Boose,
mother's, Tom Strowther. Address
me at Milam, Texas.

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