Mrs. Viney Chouteau seeking her grandchildren Joseph George and Tolbert Chouteau and great-grandchildren Mary Sibley and Harriet Chouteau

Mrs. Viney Chouteau would like to know the
whereabouts of her children's sons, Joseph,
George and Tolbert Chouteau, and grand son,
Moses Jerrow's daughters, Mary Sibley, who
was taken away by my sister, Matilda Hicklin,
and Harriet Chouteau. I live in Cherokee Creek
and Osage Nation, and at Humbolt. The last
time I saw my children was at Humbolt during
the raid of Capt. Miller and some of Prices'
men, two years before the war;any information
will be thankfully received by Mrs. Viney
Chouteau ; 5421 Pennsylvania avenue, St. Louis, Mo.

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