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Richmond Planet. Oct 5 1907 copy.jp2
Hannah Henderson (now Hannah Neil) searching for her brother, Neil Henderson (or Neal Henderson) and her sister, Pollie (nee) Henderson.

Fort Worth Gazette. Forth Worth TX. August 6 1891.jp2
Louis Clark, Oak Lodge, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, searching for brother, Lee Clark, and sister, Clarica Clark. Sold and taken from AL to TX about 1847.

Phillis Whitmire seeking information on several siblings including sisters Lucinda Wright, Nicy Albirdy, Nancy Cline, Dinah Cline, Julia Daniels, Martha Foreman, and Jane Wright and her brother Eli Wright. She has not seen them since before the Civil…

Bud Carroll seeking information of his mother, Lizzie Carroll, who was last known to be living in Hot Springs, AR.
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