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Esther lives in Richmond, VA. Her son, age about 12, was "raised by" Mrs. James Garnett, of Caroline County, VA. ["Raised by" probably means Edgar was enslaved by Garnett].

They belonged to Andy Austin, at or near Chillicothe, MO. Frances was sold to a speculator 27 or 28 years ago [ca. 1856 or 1857].

Dick "was the slave of Edward Bush, a negro trader, who was our father." Montgomery was sold in or near Nashville, Tennessee, when a child, and taken to Missouri. Her brother was sold to someone in Texas.

Charles Stewart searching for Harriet Stewart and Fannie Stewart. They were sold to a speculator in Alabama about 30 years earlier [ca 1840].

William Davis seeking information of his sister, Mary Davis.

Henry Clay searching for his mother, Mathilda Gill. A second version of the ad ran on August 2, 1883.

Clarskville TN Weekly Chronicle May 3 1867.jp2
Eliza Grapes (formerly Eliza Flemming) seeking information about her sons, Morris, Leander, and John Harrison, who were formerly enslaved by William Harrison.

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Susan Howard looking for her son, Billy Howard, who she describes as a "mulatto" boy.

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Mrs. J. F. Johnson looking for her parents, Edward and Lucy Childs. Her mother, Lucy, was sold sometime before the Civil War. Her father, Edward, was formerly enslaved by Dr. Wortham.

Caroline Holloway searching for her aunts Celia and Violet, uncle Peter Austin (also known as Harry Austin), grandmother Fannie, and her siblings Florence and Amos. Her family was last known to live near Sparta, TN.

Pleasant Beale seeking information of her mother, father, brother, and uncle who all lived on Main Street in Richmond, Virginia.

Mrs. Jennie Picket seeking information of Edward Click who was sold south to a man named Shumate.

D. L. Hill seeking information on his brother Wesley and sisters Caroline and 'Mandy. The siblings were formerly enslaved by Judge Hill, who was also their father.

William Price searching for his sisters, Adaline, Rachael and Mary Spear, who were formerly enslaved by James and William Thawley.

Jane Morris (formerly Jane Carter) searching for her brother, Joseph Carter, who was last known to live near Greensborough, TN.
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