Julia Cooper searching for her aunt Georgiana and uncles Matthew and Washington

MR. EDITOR: I desire to learn something of my relatives; my grandmother's name was Julia; she belonged to a man by the name of Bob Lust; she had four children to my knowledge: two daughters and two sons--Ellen, Georgiana, Mat and Wash. My mother was the oldest daughter; she died August 17, 1888. We came to Louisiana the first year after the war from Leon Co., Tex. Mother's owner was Bill Cooper; he is my father. My aunt Georgia I have never seen; she belonged to a man by the name of Nathan Smith, near Grant Co., Tex. My uncle Washington belonged to a man by the name of Charles Hayey. My uncle Mathew, I don't know who was his owner. Mother says he was gone to Brazos City when we came from Texas to Louisiana. Address me to Mill Haven Postoffice, La. JULIA COOPER.

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