Adam Sisson (also known as Adam Webb) searching for his mother Fanny Webb (3rd of 3 ads placed)

Adam Webb, otherwise Adam Sisson, of
the Pacific Hotel, St. Joseph, Buchanan
county, Missouri, wants to find his mother.
He says:
"Information is wanted by me, Adam Sisson,
a mulatto son of George Sisson, white,
regarding the whereabouts of my mother,
Fanny Webb, a bright mulato [mulatto], aged about
fifty or fifty-five years, who formerly
lived in Virginia, on the Rappahannock
river, opposite the light-house, and was
owned by a Mr. Saunders; she was sold
to a slave trader named Dix, taken to
Richmond, Va., and again sold and taken
to Alabama about twenty-four years ago.
My sister, Fanny Elizabeth Webb, and
my brother, Alexander Webb, went
with my mother. They were both bright
mulatto color. I was taken from my
mother about twenty-nine years ago, and
taken to Clinton county, Missouri, by
James Newby and Samual Stonehan."

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