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Hiram Bigsby searching for information regarding his wife, Patsy, or his children Margaret, Amos, and Hiram. They were last residing in Missouri.

Information is wanted regarding the whereabouts of Eliza Harris

B. S. Fuller searching for his mother, Jane Fuller. She is from Charleston, South Carolina and a member of the New Baptist Church.

George W. Carter searching for Charles Aquilla Rogers.

Andy Terrill came to California in 1849 and his nephew is searching for information about his present whereabouts

Mary C. Stewart searching for her father, William W. Wheeler, who was last heard of residing in Victoria B. C.

Thomas Grover searching for a man named Uncle Moody who came to California with Henry Cole, the man who enslaved him. Grover later returned to Missouri several times to purchase his wife and daughters before the war.

James Williams searching for his brother-in-law, John Archer, who was last heard from in San Francisco.

Henry Hall seeking information on his brother, Nathaniel Hall. He is 6 ft 2 inches and born in Indiana.

Jane Stokes searching for her mother, Harriet Cooley, who moved to San Francisco several years prior. Also looking for Cooley's other children Mary, Georgiana, Rebecca, Virginia, Rowley, James, and John.

Georgiana Gibson searching for her mother, Dorcas Barton, who was last heard from when she resided at Willow Springs near Baltimore, Maryland.

Jane A. Jackson searching for her niece Louisa Alexander Thomas who was last known to be living in New York.

Burton Isom searching for his brother, Richard Isom, who was last known to reside in Madison County, Missouri.

James Marriot, from Jamaica W.I., was last heard from five years ago in Nevada. His mother just moved to San Francisco and wishes to hear from him.

Martha Ann Goff searching for her father William Goff who was last heard from while residing in Dogtown.

Sarah Johnson seeking information about her son, Wm. Henry Wilson, who travelled to San Francisco, California with a gentleman named Fawcett.

Andrew Dennis and Richard (Dick) Dennis were last seen six years ago in Coweeche County, Georgia. They may have joined the Union army. Their mother, brother, and sister are residing in California and wish to hear from them.

Sarah Wright, formerly Sarah Curry, from Savannah, Georgia seeking information about her sister Lucy Peterson.

Unidentified man seeking information about his father, Alfred Turner, who came to California 15 years prior from Marshal Co., Mississippi.

Isaac Moore is searching for his parents Abraham and Tomer and his siblings. Tomer had six children named Jerry, Louisa, Liza, Martha, Ellen, and Isaac while enslaved by Mike Wellton. She had four more children, 'Merica, Paulina, Jane, and William,…

Mrs. Potter searching for her father, Jos. C. Chase, who was last heard from in Sutterville.

Margaret Stone seeking information about her son, Benjamin Stone, who when last heard from was in California.

James Brodis seeking information about his siblings Edward and Harriet Brodis who were last heard from in Mariposa County, California.

J. P. Dyer looking for his sister, Ann Maria Blake, who last resided in Newport RI.

F. R. Williams looking for Mrs. Sarah Washington and Miss Rosetta Jurdon who were last known to live in Newford, Virginia.
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