Naro Gillespie seeking information about his father Charles and several siblings (1st of 3 ads)

DEAR EDITOR ------ I desire to learn
the whereabouts of my father,
mother, sisters and brothers. My
mother married the second time.
Her first husband was Wm. Price,
by whom she had four children ----
Sarah, Harriet, Mary and William.
I was the first by the latter husband,
named Charles. The others
were Monroe, Charley, Isaiah,
Charlotte, John, Simpson and Adeline.
Mother was named Hannah.
We were all sold in 1856, in Wayne
Co. We did belong to James Elliot.
My sister Sarah belonged to Jack
Madecue. My sister Harriet
belonged to Bifel. Mary Ann, Monroe
and Charley were sold to Kittie
Robinson, and went to Maryland.
Mother, Adeline, William and I
were brought to Mississippi. Mother
and Adeline are both dead. I
received several letters from Mary
Ann. The last was in 1873. She
was living in Little Rock, Ark.
Please address me at Egypt Station,

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