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Johnson wrote this information wanted letter to the county clerk in Buffalo, NY. Johnson, daughter of Jack and Hannah Hellard, was born in Rowan County, NC. She was sold away from her mother in 1840 and brought to Alabama, and from there to Texas, in…

His children were named Lucinda, Malinda, James, Myner, Charles, Kate, George, Isy, and Hamp. Wright was raised in Culpeper County, VA. His first master was Jack Greene, a judge in Richmond, VA. His second master was John Stone.

Dogan, of Pottstown, PA, found his first wife in 1871. They had been separated during the Civil War, when Dogan escaped into the Union lines and enlisted. His second wife supposedly gave her "hearty consent" for him to return to his first wife and…

Amy Morris, aka "Mrs. Frenchy," grew up enslaved in Hancock County, GA, near Sparta, GA. Beginning at age 14, she was sold several times, in Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas, before she escaped during the Civil War. Previously, she and her first…

Jeff Frierson and Mary Burt were reunited and remarried in Shelbyville, TN, in 1903. They had been separated in that county [Bedford County, TN] 44 years earlier, when Mary was sold and taken to Arkansas.

Green Morgan and Prudence Croan [Prudence Brown?] remarried in Versailles, KY, in 1889. They had been separated there in 1858, when Prudence was sold and taken to a Louisiana plantation.

Lewis searching for her mother, Annie Lewis, and her brothers, Eddie Lewis and Orange Lewis

Lampkins is searching for Mrs. Bennie Lampkins/Mrs. Bennie Jacko. Her mother, Mrs. Charlotte Johnson, lived in San Marcos, Texas. Searcher lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Lee Barton, of Houston, Mississippi, was separated from his wife in Virginia by sale 38 years earlier [ca 1853]. He found her in 1891 and they remarried.

Alvin Steele was carried from Huntsville, Alabama, to Canton, Mississippi, during the Civil War. He returned to Huntsville in 1895 in search of his mother and sister.

Thompson and Owens enslaved on same plantation in Morgan County, Tennessee. They were separated during the Civil War but reunited in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1894 and married there.

Smith searching for his mother, Eveline Wade, his step-father, Mike Wade, and his Heair brothers and sisters


Thompson, of Newport, Rhode Island, escaped from slavery in Frederick, Maryland, 46 years earlier [ca 1830].

They married "according to slave laws" in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 60 years earlier [ca 1837]. They were separated by sale seven years later. Reunited and remarried in Oskaloosa, Iowa, in 1897.

Bradley and his wife were sold apart from each other in 1859. They found each other and remarried in Yellow Springs, Ohio, in 1880.

Anderson and Pryor were separated before the Civil War. They found each other and remarried in Hagerstown, Maryland, in 1905.

Mrs. Jas. Oakley searching for her paternal grandmother Martha Ann Page Crump Egester. Her father, William Egester, was born in Richmond, VA, and sold in Lawrenceburg, KY

Bunk Hilliard 10-30-1884.tif
Bunk Hilliard is searching for his wife Annie Sterling. She belonged to a man in Georgia called Whit Sterling. She had a daughter Francis whom she left in LaGrange, GA. His wife was sold to a Mr. Barley who lived in Lafourche, LA during the war. …

Bettie Moore 10-8-1885.tif
Bettie Moore is searching for her sisters, Anna Liza Brown and Cornelius, and brother Walter Bell. The first sister was born from her father, Norvel Bell's first wife Maria Bishop, while her, Walter, and Cornelius were born from his second wife,…

B.J. Houston searching for his two sisters, Emily and Emma.
The second ad, taken out by B.J. Houston's brother Mark Shepard, includes some corrections, and recounts how brothers B.J. Houston and Mark Shepard reconnected.

Clarissa Reed searching for her mother, Pearline; stepfather, Sam; and siblings Sophronia, Fannie, Morgan, and Anderson. She was sold for cutting off two of her young boss's fingers.

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Sallie White (formerly Sallie Teague) searching for her siblings, Harriet Adkins and Major Randall, who were formerly enslaved by George Adkins.
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