Naro Gillespie searching for their siblings, including their sister Mary Ann and father Charles Walker

DEAR EDITOR— I wish to enquire for my people, mother. father, sisters and brothers. Mother was married twice. By her first husband William Price she had four children. Her name is Hannah Price. The name of the four children are Sarah, Mary Ann, William and Harriet. Harriet is dead and left seven children. I knew three of them, Levi, Bifle, Jerry and Pink. I got several letters from my sister Mary Ann. The last letter I received from her she was living in Arkansas. She said she had brought sister Harriet's children to live with her from Wayne county, Tennessee Mother's last husband was Charles Walker. Children by him Naro, Monroe, Charley, Charlotte, John and Simpson. Address me at Egypt Station, Miss., Chickasaw county. NARO GILLESPIE.

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