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Amy Morris, aka "Mrs. Frenchy," grew up enslaved in Hancock County, GA, near Sparta, GA. Beginning at age 14, she was sold several times, in Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas, before she escaped during the Civil War. Previously, she and her first…

Johnson, age 60, reunited with her mother, reported to be 112 years old. Johnson lived in Louisville, KY. Her mother had been sold, by Ben Johnson of Frankfort, KY, and sent to New Orleans 50 years earlier [ca 1835].

Johnson's first husband, Geo. Perry, escaped from Fleming County, KY, to Canada 43 years earlier [ca 1830]. Johnson and their child were went with him but were caught and taken back to Kentucky, where they remained in slavery until the Civil War.…

Frances was taken from her mother, in Cumberland, Maryland, to Natchez, Mississippi, and then New Orleans, Louisiana. Her mother, Henny Butler, received letters from her but needs her address in New Orleans to reply. An antebellum ad (from 1843).

Quindy Relf escaped from slavery. His wife and their five children were later manumitted in Virginia and went to Ohio. They are searching for him. An antebellum ad.

Freeman was sold in Dover, Tennessee, in 1863, during the Civil War. Reunited with her mother in 1892.

Tom Carnahan reuniting with his brother, Silas, for the first time since the Civil War. They were enslaved in Arkansas before being separated by the war.

Henry Wilson, butler to four Illinois governors, finds his sister, Mrs. Hattie Webb. They were separated in 1864, when Wilson and his mother escaped from Missouri to Illinois during the Civil War.

Rev. Henson, of Austin, Texas, finds his father after a decades-long search. His father traveled from Alabama to Austin to see him but died within two days.

Newspaper account describing Clara Bashop's 33-year search for her daughter, Patience, who was sold in 1859. Slightly longer and more legible article than the St. Louis Post-Dispatch version.

Alex Myers searching for his people. His grandmother, Rosa Tucker, and her four daughters were from Richmond, VA. Sold in Jackson, MS, about 1855 or 1858.

Mrs. Woodsen finds little sister, Mrs. Culton, of Bonne Terre, Missouri

Found...Pittsburgh Dispatch Mar 12 1891.jpg
William H. Todd, Washington Court House, OH, finds his mother in Macon, GA, after writing to people in the South for many years in search of her.

O.B. Armstrong.jp2
O.B. Armstrong, Punta Gorda, FL, searching for comrades from his regiment

Jane Walker.jp2
Jane Walker wrote to this Newberry, SC newspaper in search of her relatives.

D. J. Price searching for his nephew, Robert Brown, who left New Orleans in 1877 for Kentucky.

Caroline Jones searching for her brother, Oscar Jones, who was enslaved by Capt. W. M. Kelley in East Baton Rouge, LA.

TCR_18870317_HENRY FLOOD.jpg
Henry Flood searching for his parents Wm. and Charlotte Flood, and his siblings Alexander, Maria, Louisa, Ann, and Rose.

Alice Ann (Moore) Dungill searching for their aunt Rebecca Cornel, uncle Aaron Moore, George Smith, George White, Alexander Settles, or any of the Rivers.

Agnes Taylor searching for her son, Watson, who was sent to Avery College.

Mary Burnett seeking information on her family because she is sick and wants to see them before she dies
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