Alex Myers seeking information about his grandmother and her children

Do You Know Them?

Mound Bayou, Miss., May 5, '14.
Any information leading to my
people will be thankfully received.
Now this is the condition of the case
and it might seem very late for I
have been promising to try for a
long, long time.
On or about 1855 or 1858 I think
according to grandma's information,
grandma and her four girl children
were sold at Jackson, Miss. and the
slave traders had been prompted to
not let her write back for she was
minor heirs property and they said
the heirs would pursue and take
them, therefore she never did get any
correspondence with her people. Now
her people, her owners, were named
Thomas Tucker and her brother was
named Bill Tucker. Her name was
Rosa Tucker and her four girls
names were as follows: the oldest
was my mother, her name was Margrett;
next was named Jennie; next,
Matilda and the baby or younger,
Her owners were prominent white
people and lived in the city of Richmond,
Va. If there are any of the
Tuckers in or around about, please
see the oldest ones to see if they can
remember Grandma Rosa, she was
small in stature, weighing about 105
pounds. If there are any of them
please let them write me and you
will greatly oblige
Yours truly,

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